Mrs. Z's Homework Page!

Day 1

Math:  Read Chapter 2 on multiplication in Robley textbook; Answer math problems 1 through 7.  Make sure to show how you came up with your answers.

English:  Practice your vocabulary words.  The test is on 10/31.

Science:  Read Chapter 8 in Smith textbook; Write a short summary about the American toad.  ** Refer to the attachment (in attachment content tab) for more helpful research and information on the American toad.**


Day 2

Social Studies:  Read Chapter 5 in your Wright textbook.  We will work through questions 1 through 7 in class.  Be prepared to discuss in class on 10/30.

History:  Review the American Presidents.  Be prepared to tell the class about 3 American Presidents and what they were known for while in office (i.e. - a major accomplishment).

Spanish:  Review your new spanish vocabulary words for class next week.


Day 3

English:  Write a short paragraph describing your favorite part of the short story, "Purpilicious" that we had read in class last week.

Math:  Review your multiplication tables; our next test is on 10/31!

History:  Write a one page paper on your favorite American President that you read about in Chapter 19 from the Zinzer texbook.  Make sure to state in your paper why he was your favorite American President.